Jersey City Caribbean Carnival Grand Marshals

Class of 2018


Antigua- Heather Spencer


Bermuda- Marlene Butterfield


Cayman Islands- Jill Jones


Cuba- Dr. Andrea Perez- Smith


Dominican Republic- Jennifer Hidalgo, Rafael Mata, Herminio Mendoza


Garden State of New Jersey- Michael Gray, Iya Oseye Mchawi, Chief Dr. Iwuozo L. Obilo, MD., Dominic Tamin, Councilwoman Denise Wilkerson


Guyana- Counsel General Hon. Barbara Atherly, Tangerine Clarke


Haiti- Micmo Eura, Auger Laguere


Isle of Jersey City- Michael Billy Bosogno, Commander Tony A. Goodson, Nicholas Jayme, Tom Parisi, Councilwoman Denise Ridley, Councilman Jermaine Robinson, Robert Stewart, Dauod David Williams


Hudson County and Puerto Rico- Freeholder Joe Torres


Hudson County- Former Councilman Philip Kenny, Freeholder Caridad Rodriguez, Paul Silverman


Jamaica- Crystal Smith, Dr. Samuel Roy Walters, MD.


Puerto Rico- Juan & Lisa Cartagena, Lilli Romona Diaz


Trinidad & Tobago- Dane Gulston, Freddie Hamilton, Austin Lyons, Keiron Ottley, Kwasi Wahtuse


Venezuela- Mayor Hon. Alberto G. Santos

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